In a small town of Montegracia, politics is in disarray, but amidst the stifling competition for power, a special friendship blossoms between the mayor’s son Lawrence Trinidad and an impoverished orphan Cielo San Carlos.

Though diverse in social backgrounds, this pair of free spirits proves that anyone can be bound in friendship. But their friendship grows into an unlikely romance; Lawrence and Cielo realize that love is not all roses and moonlight, especially when they discover harrowing realities about their families and a dark past. As they take each other’s hands in a journey through their complex lives, Lawrence and Cielo hold fast their promise of incessant love though in their hearts lays the uncertainty of their destiny.

Strongest among male and female adults (40+).

Cast: John Lloyd Cruz, Bea Alonzo, John Pratts and Maja Salvador
Year of Production: 2004




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