With hopes of finding a career as a performer, Ador left his pregnant wife Laura and their daughter Melody. Years later, she received news that Ador has found a new love, leaving Laura in a world of misery. Her crisis reaches its peak, when Melody is diagnosed with a heart disease, and the only hope to survive is by means of undergoing a surgery.

She then turns to her half-sister Carmela, a well known woman, admired for her talent in singing. Nevertheless, as Laura becomes indebted to her, Carmela blackmails her with a painful decision that involves the custody of Laura’s youngest daughter, Bernadette. Having no one else to turn to, Laura was then finally forced to give up Bernadette.

Unaware that they are sisters, Melody and Bernadette’s rivalry goes beyond their gift as a singer. Bernadette secretly steals and used her sister’s voice on her performances. On the peak of her career, dark secrets were revealed putting up her fans on a total dismay. Now, all the spotlights are turning onto Melody, turning her into a real popstar.

Strongest among male kids (2-12) and female adults (35+).

Cast:  Nora Aunor, Carol Banawa, Desiree del Valle and Cherrie Gil
Year of Production: 2003



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