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    Once X-Rated ”Dukot” Screened in NY

    By Don Tagala, ABS-CBN North America Bureau

    MANHATTAN, NY- After facing heavy government censorship in the Philippines, the 2009 film “Dukot” (Abducted) was eventually released for a short theater run.

    This Gawad Tangalaw Best Film award-winning movie, directed by Joel Lamangan, was screened in 3 different theaters in the New York and New Jersey area over the weekend.

    Written by acclaimed playwright Bonifacio Ilagan, the film sparked controversy because of its raw portrayal of human rights abuses committed in the Philippines under the President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo’s watch.

    Supervising producer Dennis Evangelista said: “Initially it was given an X rating that we know is for pornographic film. They accused the film of inciting rebellion.”

    But after a few compromises — such as cutting scenes of  former President Arroyo — the X rating was rescinded.

    “Dukot” stars Allen Dizon, who plays Junix Etrata, a militant activist who is abducted by unknown men.

    Scenes portray the torture, rape and killing of activists in the Philippines. (Watch here)





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