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A man without roots is a man without a face. For one's roots to one's motherland are a precious source of nourishment for one's existence, identity and purpose.  The Global Bayaning Pilipino Awards was organized to give patriotism - and the spirit of bayanihan - a face. To honor Filipinos residing in the United States of America, Canada, Italy, Great Britain, Australia, Singapore and Hong Kong with Filipino ancestry who continue to remember their roots through selfless public service for their less-fortunate Filipino brothers and sisters.

A friendship between Don Geny Lopez and Fr. Tanalega, S.J. became the bridge where the ideas of seeking out and honoring the unsung Filipino patriots crossed. Finally, in 1995, the award-giving organization was formed; and is now sustained by the UGAT Foundation - an apostolate of volunteers working for the welfare of the poor.
This year, the criterion for the award will be much broader in scope. It will focus on institutions and services that have contributed significantly to the well-being of the Filipino community globally.
Given annually, the prestigious award carries with it a message of deep gratitude from the Filipino people: "We will always remember, as you have remembered."

The GLOBAL BAYANING PILIPINO AWARDS shall be conferred on a project or service that has been completed through communal effort in the bayanihan spirit. This project or service should have a measurable impact on a sector or community in the Philippines or in overseas Filipino communities.


  1. Measurable impact: scope and number of beneficiaries with known effective results.
  2. Highlight the value of unity/PAGKAKAISA (effective elimination of selosan, inggitan, siraan, etc. or has effectively dealt with these either through interventions or through innovative methods)
  3. Focused on service and/or an issue (poverty, health, education, etc) as felt either in your respective country or in the Philippines.
  4. Transcend regionalism/parochialism
  5. Participatory/people-oriented leadership (as shown in the manner of how they choose their leaders and their acceptance thereof)
  6. Promotes Filipino values and culture; Filipino heritage

Where there are Filipinos there are heroes, and it’s time to honor them.

The worldwide search is on!
Gawad Geny Lopez Jr.
Global Bayaning Pilipino!

If you know a Filipino organization that dedicates its effort in creating projects that have measurable impact,
highlight the value of unity,
are issue-oriented,
transcend regionalism
have participatory or
people-oriented leadership
and promote Filipino values and culture, Then , they can be the next Gawad Geny Lopez Global Bayaning Pilipino!

This is your chance to pay tribute to our kababayans who dedicate their lives in helping their fellowmen.
It’s time to tell the world…
May Bayaning Pilipino saan man sa mundo!


  • United States Of America
    • East Coast
    • West Coast
  • Canada
  • Italy
  • Great Britain
  • Australia
  • Singapore
  • Hong Kong
  • Japan
  • Middle East

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