Q. Why should I subscribe to TFCko when I already get to watch my favorite shows through my current service provider (satellite or cable)?

A. Subscribing to TFCko will not only give you more programs to choose from but will also lend you the convenience and flexibility of watching them at the time that best suits you through its video-on-demand (VOD) feature.

Q. I already have a satellite dish and a decoder box from my TFC subscription. Would getting TFCko mean added equipment and, consequently, added expense?

A. Think of subscribing to TFCko as another investment that will yield a more rewarding TV viewing experience. There is added value because of the wider range of the latest shows. Plus, we have special discounts on subscription fees and the required set top box (STB).

Q.While I enjoy Filipino programs, my husband prefers to watch foreign ones and we already have a service provider we like. Would TFCko just be an added expense for us?

A. Subscribing to TFCko costs the same as your current Filipino program subscription. Your husband can continue to enjoy foreign programs with your current provider while you get to enjoy the Filipino programs YOU like through TFCko. If you have an existing broadband service provider, subscribing to TFCko will be a breeze. However, if you don’t have your broadband connection yet, you need to avail of one.

Subscribing to broadband is a really good investment because it will open up more services for you. It will give you easy access to real-time information at great speed through the Internet. You may also keep in touch with your loved ones anywhere in the world through video or audio chat.

Q. How do I contact your Customer Service Department?

Please contact our Customer Service Department through the contact details below.

US & Canada1888-216-167124/7