Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why should I subscribe to TFC on IPTV when I can already watch Filipino shows through my current service provider (Cable)?

A: Subscribing to TFC will not only give you more choices of Filipino programs but also the flexibility to watch the shows you want at your convenience, through its Video-On-Demand feature.

There is value in subscribing to TFC because of the wider range of program choices it provides, which includes the latest shows, news and updates from home. we hae also developed special promo packages to make it easier for you to subscribe, like discounts on subscription fees and on the set top box.

Q: While I enjoy Filipino programs, my husband prefers to watch other foreign programs and we already have service that we like. This is going to be an extra expense for us.

A: The cost of subscribing to TFC amounts to the same price as your current plan. Your husband can continue to watch foreign programs with your current cable provider while you can enjoy a good choice of TV programs and movies with TFC. If you have an existing broadband subscription, you don't have to pay for the extra service. However, if you currently do not have broadband, you will need to have a subscription.

Subscribing to broadband is advantageous because it will open a lot of new services for you. It can give you easy access to real-time information and valuable service, at great speed, through the internet. You may also keep in touch with your loved ones anywhere in the world through video or audio chat via VOIP, or email.

Q: How will I activate my subscription and get some technical support?

A: For activation of account, technical and customer support inquiries, call 1800-FIL-CHNL (1800-345-2465)