Bantay Bata 163
Bantay Bata 163 is a child welfare program that not only rescues and rehabilitates sick and abused children, but also provides shelter, therapy and quality home care for rescued children until they can be reunited with their families or referred to proper child-caring agencies.

This is a 24/7 hotline which provides telephone counseling and referral of reported cases of child abuse. More importantly, it provides rescue services in response to crisis situations, with local government and police assistance. Trained social workers field about 5,000 calls every day, with almost 1.3 % of these calls necessitating attention.

Every month, an average of 170 sick and less fortunate children come to Bantay Bata in need of urgent medical help. Bantay Bata’s Medical Assistance Fund, which is reserved for desperate cases, has been able to help more than 3,059 children in the past 3 years.

Bantay Bata also facilitates access to legal authorities. Volunteer lawyers hold free legal counseling on child abuse issues for indigent clients. Corollary to this service is an extensive child’s rights awareness campaign, which includes (1) outreach programs in local communities to facilitate discussion on critical issues surrounding children; and (2) home visitation programs, wherein social workers visit abused children at home to monitor their progress and to provide counseling and education to parents.

Bantay Bata operates the Children’s Crisis Center, which provides temporary shelter to rescued children before their cases are resolved legally. Children are provided with therapy and educational opportunities before they are reunited with their families or referred to proper child caring agencies.

Bantay Bata is in the process of completing a Children’s Village to house the children who opt to remain with the Foundation rather than be reunited with their families. The Village is located in the rural clime of Norzagaray, Bulacan, and is especially designed to be a haven for children to heal and embrace life once more.

The Foundation also educates the children under its care in the hope that this training will prepare the children for a better future.

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